DBus for Generic Data Access Methods?

Kalle Kärkkäinen kalle.karkkainen at intstream.fi
Tue Jan 30 12:42:15 CET 2007

ti, 2007-01-30 kello 12:27 +0100, Marcel Holtmann kirjoitti:
> You are still missing the big picture here. Every OpenMoko specific
> interface is a step back. You will have OpenMoko specific things,
> because that is unavoidable since some stuff depends on the actual
> hardware and can't be generalized. For all other things you wanna go a
> way that works on OpenMoko, Maemo, GNOME, KDE and other desktops.

Yes, true. But that's not to say that the current way is the best one.

It makes sense to define these things someplace. If you are aiming for
'a standard set', then define it.

> The point is to talk to upstream projects and make them aware of the
> needs and find a common solution that works on all platforms and is
> sufficient for the current needs.

Yeah, true. This should be done someplace higher. And in a manner that
can then be expanded someplace else with plugins.

In fact wouldn't that be nice to have a dbus service meeting place to
which applications could publish their paths, and then other
applications could browse through them.

this way it'd only take a small plugin to cover features in openmoko.

Of course this actually does not take away the problem of not-defined
paths, as such. But these paths could define their features as well.

Then again all ipc depends in pretty intricate knowledge of the other
party, so the benefit of a 'service meeting place' is a questionable
one. Unless there is a clear definition of the protocols used in the
communication, of course. 

hum-hum.. difficult to solve with one stab.


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