DBus for Generic Data Access Methods?

Jim McDonald Jim at mcdee.net
Tue Jan 30 13:41:10 CET 2007

Marcel Holtmann wrote:


> the question is still why. We have EDS. So no reason to invent another
> interface for the same purpose. Don't try to over-complicate things.
So this is an argument against abstraction, which I understand but 
disagree with.  It comes back to the two choices that I gave a couple of 
emails back: work with the existing APIs or attempt to create a new one 
that is specifically designed for OpenMoko's purpose.  You prefer the 
former, I prefer the latter.  Let's leave it there for now and see what 
the overall community thinks when it gets closer to the time for this 
type of thing to be decided upon.
> Marcel


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