Possibilities for commercial software?

Gervais Mulongoy gervais.mulongoy at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 14:56:25 CET 2007

Hello Guys,

An even better suggestion would be to assume that anyone on this list that
doesn't have an @openmoko.org/.com/.net or @fic.com.tw address can only be
stating an opinion. Everything else is most likely official.

Next, I believe we are intelligent enough to think critically about the
comments on the OpenMoko lists. So it is important to step back, absorb the
ideas and opinions and digest them for their inherent value. Remember that
the only reason we speak to each other is because each one of us clearly
believes that what we have to say will be of value to our audience. With
that in mind, let's give each other some slack for often failing to
communicate our ideas clearly, simply, and effectively.

It is my hope, that all this passion for the OpenMoko will translate into
some seriously nova software whether it is commercial or free. It is my firm
belief that unless if we continue to find ways to keep the OpenMoko relevant
and useful it will hardly matter what politics or religion we subscribe
to.....We will have missed yet another opportunity.

I had not meant to turn this into a sermon-ish speechification. But I hope
you all can find value in what I have written here.


On 1/29/07, Rod Whitby <rod at whitby.id.au> wrote:
> Oleg Gusev wrote:
> > Free-Software-only is the goal, but it's unfortunately not easy to
> > achieve and depends on our common efforts.
> Mike wrote:
> > Are you one of the people running the OM project?
> Oleg Gusev wrote:
> > No.
> Then on what basis, Oleg, do you make the statement "Free-Software-only
> is the goal" without prefixing that sentence with "In my opinion ..." ?
> Your goal may not be shared by others on the project.  Stating it as
> "the goal" only incites people.  Stating it as "my goal", or "my
> opinion" is not nearly so inflammatory.
> In general (and in my opinion), the phrase "In my opinion" is not used
> often enough on this community mailing list, and would go some way to
> defusing some of the heated debates ...
> -- Rod
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