But wich GSM chip? Re: AT commands document (Was: Fax modem? Fax software? Neo as T.38 gateway?)

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Tue Jan 30 17:32:56 CET 2007

Salve Sean!

Thank you for your answer, but our quetion was not about AT commands
in general, it was 
- which GSM chip will be used
- which feature will it have
- which non general AT commands will this chip have.

On Wed, 31 Jan 2007, Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
> >>> My question is: would the GSM chip has a modem
> >>> for data connections and also fax support?
> >> Good question. And if it is, is it a standard class 1 faxmodem like
> >> common with GSM mobiles nowaday?
> > 
> > Related question: is it possible to have (a pointer to) the document
> > with the AT commands that the closed telephone module responds to?
> > Most probably, the description of the AT+FCLASS command should contain
> > info about fax functionality.
> Almost all GSM related documents can be downloaded from here:
> http://www.etsi.org/services_products/freestandard/home.htm
> > Maybe, a repository with datasheets (I think about interfacing the
> > telephone module and the GPS subsystem, but there may be more) could
> > be already made available.
> Sorry but we not allowed to archive these things. They're pretty easy to
> download though. 


I would expected that you say that you will not publish *yet* what GSM chip will 
be used, or to busy to publish some more information, but the open question on
this mailinglist is still 
-which GSM chip will be used
(when I overseen any mail with information, excuse me)

And by working with Siemens and Falcon GSM terminals I do know that AT
communications is not based on unique freestandards - it will differs
from vendor to vendor.

So can you say us already a little more about the GSM chip?

Happy greetings,

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