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Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Tue Jan 30 21:42:32 CET 2007

Problem solved, as in option 2:

I fear that having two GSM modules does not make sense in a general
phone. (Despite the fact that I do have SIMs from two countries ;) )


* Myk Melez <myk at> [070130 21:31]:
> I live in the US but regularly travel to Hungary, and I have a second SIM card for use abroad.  I know it's too late for v1, but for future versions of the phone, I'd find it useful 
> for the phone to support a second SIM card.
> There a few different ways it could do this.  Here are some options, in order from best/hardest to still-useful/easiest:
> 1. Have a slot for a second SIM card, and activate both cards at the same time. (As roaming fees come down, this option, which allows folks in the States to reach me at my regular US 
> number, becomes more attractive.)
> 2. Have a slot for a second SIM card, and make the owner choose which card to activate when turning on the phone. (I've heard there are some existing phones that do this.)
> 3. Have a "storage" (i.e. no connectors) slot for a second SIM card, and make the owner switch the locations of the SIM cards to activate the other one.  (This at least solves the 
> problem of where to store my secondary SIM when I'm not using it, since it is small and easily lost.)
> -myk
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