idea: second SIM card support

Robert Michel openmoko at
Tue Jan 30 21:59:22 CET 2007

Salve Myk!

Welcome to openmoko community :)

On Tue, 30 Jan 2007, Myk Melez wrote:

> I live in the US but regularly travel to Hungary, and I have a second 
> SIM card for use abroad.  I know it's too late for v1, but for future 
> versions of the phone, I'd find it useful for the phone to support a 
> second SIM card.

As longer we are active on this list as more difficult will it be for
new subscriber to do not write an idea that wasn't already written on
this list. About second SIM card we have several threads:  
(we had some more - take a look at the archive)

So it would be good when we add some more already discussed ideas
to the wiki to make it new subscriber a little more easy.

> There a few different ways it could do this.  Here are some options, in 
> order from best/hardest to still-useful/easiest:

Neo v1 will not have a slot for 2 sims, but probably you will be able
to use a two sim adapter with the Neo1973 ... let us see...

But I have do add an idea - when a Neo v1 or v2 support 2 ore more
sims - how to get the right incomming call....

Some GSM provider offers a multicard (other names possible)

The same mobil number will be switched to several SIM cards - having
a multicard in an old mobile with RS232, connected to a server... 

Imagine you use two sims in the same country like A=business, B=privat
and you check your incomming SMS with B, that could your skript inform 
your Neo1973 that for A is an incomming call and the Neo will swith
to A.

Signalisation via GPRS would be perfect - but what when you are
calling with friends during office time? Than I hope the v1 (or v2)
of the Neo will have a GSM chip with "class A" GPRS
Class A allows to use GSM phone calls and GPRS simultanious....

That we have already written about a second SIM is only speaking that
this would be realy a good idea. So I'm quite shure, that not every idea
is found and there is much more we can do with OpenMoko Neo1973, even
with the version 1.


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