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Wed Jan 31 00:00:20 CET 2007

Salve michael!

On Tue, 30 Jan 2007, michael at wrote:
> >On 1/30/07, michael at <michael at> wrote:
> >> I'm sure there are portable battery powered USB scanners.
Yes, I own one - this a canon printer with a scanner head - but I don't
know if it suported with Linux - 5 years ago it wasn't. But this
wouldn't be handy because it has a one paper feeder - so you can't
scan a book or a newspaper/magazin in the bibliothek without cutting...

Second, I'm not convinced to have a battery in every device I would 
use with the Neo - so a battery powered hub would solve the problem
for a view scans - otherwise a 230V should help.

So it would be interesting to have usb power adapter like
(600mA 4.50 Euro +2.50 chipping)
or with 1000mA for 9 Euro:
and combine this with small (battery powered) hup
- adding an additional port for power in and adding
a charging controll for the battery of the hub

1,5 kg is not realy mobil - but I guess I will look out for
a used Lide 25 scanner (<30Euro, new: 50Euro)  which is listed 
as "working" in device list of sane develop-cvs:

BTW seperate battery selfpowered  eqipement has disadvantages:
- expensive
- heavy
- mostly propritary batteries

Halt, when you realy want to spend 350 US$ into a battery powerd
scanner instad of a second Neo:
But consider how many scans you must do with this and if it would
not be cheaper to use a copy shop to scan the documents...

A small sheap, lightwight hand scanner for USB would be interesting....

> >> I suppose Gimp would be a little too heavy for the Neo :-)
> >
> >Yay for geeks.  No problem carrying around a powered USB scanner, but
> >the GIMP may "be a little too heavy."  Sigh.  ;)

My laptop has only 128MB RAM and I can use gimp - so I would not
be surprised to see gimp running on a Neo.

> So no manipulating images after scanning and before faxing. No problem.
> >Meh - you'd only need SANE + XSane/xscanimage anyway.
> Excellent.
is a very nice tool, especialy when you will do something 
from the shell/remote.. and several times...

E.g. there is a webpage with a rain radar, with 
imagemagick you can cut a part of this picture,
maipulate, combine it... and make a weather background
for your Neo every hour...


Does somebody knows something about printing support for a brother
mw-100 (DIN-A7 thermo printer) here is something about a mprint SDK
for linux zaurus - but I can't read japanese and can't find a packet
to download...

And a good page for linux on mobil devices and equipment...

Linux and USB:

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