Idea: ring tones and other non-software assets can be developed as CC content

michael at michael at
Wed Jan 31 00:11:43 CET 2007

Awhile back someone joined the list and said that while he wasn't a
programmer, he was a graphic artist and would like to help in some way. A few
days later Jon Phillips introduced himself and mentioned the Creative Commons
license. This got me thinking about ways that non-programmers could
contribute, and because I hang out a lot on the linux audio mailing list, it
occurred to me that ringtones might be such a way. For many people, having the
right ringtone seems quite important, and in a way ringtones are more
ubiquitous than the phones themselves.

I mentioned this to Jon, who cleverly expanded this concept to include fonts,
graphics, and other non-software assets.

In addition to our graphic artist, I'm sure we have musicians and other
creative people. I look forward to seeing (and hearing) what you come up with.

On a purely subjective note, I find most cellphone ringtones absolutely
dismal. I'm sure we can do better.



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