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Bill R. WASHBURN dygituljunky at dygituljunky.com
Wed Jan 31 01:07:54 CET 2007

michael at michaelshiloh.com on Tue, 2007 Jan 30 at 23:11 -0500 wrote:
>Awhile back someone joined the list and said that while he wasn't a
>programmer, he was a graphic artist and would like to help in some way.

I, too, am new to the OpenMoko community. I have only done a little
programming in my life and I'm far too out of practice to contribute
there. I also won't be able to contribute to the ringtones and images.
What I can do, rather decently, is bug test. I participated in ongoing
development of a certain server/client package over the course of about
eight years.

Of course, we don't have anything to bug test with yet, so I'll contribute
to the idea side and to interface discussions.


I'd really like to see the interface be as friendly as possible for two
sets of people.

The first set of poeple consists of avanced users who mess arond under the
hood but drive an automatic because it's easier in traffic. Even though
I'm a rather advanced user, sometimes I just don't want to think about
using the interface, I just want it to work. For advanced users, having
access to the console and other such utilities will be nice. I never
learned how to set the clock on my VCR because the interface wasn't
intuitive yet I can do far more in a more complex UI environment. I don't
want to have to hunt for menus or functions, I want to find them where I
expect them.

The second group of users are our parents and grandparents. This phone
environment has to work for users who don't know the difference between a
single-click and a double-click. Those of us on the developing edge tend
to accept software that isn't perfectly intuitive, other users will not.
For folks like my mother, the interface has to be so intuitive that she
will know what a button/icon/etc will do when she taps on it.

(Everybody else falls somewhere in between those groups.)

Many of the Linux distros seem to be designed for above average users.
Whatever happens with OpenMoko, we have to remember that the design,
interface, usage processes, etc must accomodate the lowest common

What I would like to see is a place for the interface to be developed and
for interface people to interface. (Perhaps within the
http://www.linuxtogo.org/gowiki/OpenMoko/Ideas framework).

Since I can't contribute in programmatical or artistic ways, I offer to
assist in making the experience as smooth as possible.


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