Email Push Service :) smtp+dnotify+Asterisk+... :)

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Wed Jan 31 03:43:09 CET 2007

Robert Michel wrote:
> Salve,
> I can't understand why Blackberry and other has become
> so big into the market, because the server side software
> for a push service are normal linux admins tools.
> But wait - the client side need some open programmable
> devices - like OpenMoko and the Neo1973 :)))
> When GPRS is always on, than it needs just a emailclient
> checks regulary every n minutes for new mail - huuuu
> that's innovation - didn't we used to use this fetching
> emails from pop, imap or mailboxes since years? 
> (Myself since 1990)
> Soo I'm not keen in having an email push service,
> but I'm tired to hear the hype in the news about this.
> Again, when GPRS is always on, push service is silly
> buzzword, but what when GPRS is off? 
> Than we can use 
> 1. smtp and some filter to get only the right mails 
>    into /var/mail/rob2neo1973
> 2. dnotify will starts a script when a new file
>    is in /var/mail/rob2neo1973

Or you could simply modify the mail server to trigger a script when a 
message is delivered, rather than having to poll each directory/file.  A 
procmail/maildrop filter would be one way to implement it easily 
(allowing you to filter for messages from specific people, to certain 
folders, etc.)

> 3. this script will copy a callfile with a seperate
>    callerid into 
>    /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing

This too could happen in many different ways.  This would be a good 
place to do polling, where notification would be sent out a maximum of 
every N minutes, in order to bundle messages (if 50 arrive in 30sec, 
there's no need to notify 50 times.)

> 4. the Neo1973 gets a phonecall from this callerid,
>    rejet this call and starts skript2 on the Neo

I really like this idea.  As I understood it, many previous "push email" 
services relied on sending an SMS message to the phone, which made the 
phone perform the actions that you describe (get new mail.)  However, 
hooking in directly to the incoming call would save the money that SMS 
messages cost.

I'd be interested in seeing/hearing what hooks/services will be exposed. 
  Will the incoming calls trigger a dbus message or something similar?

> 5. skript2 will switch on GPRS and fetch the new
>    mail via POP or IMAP
>    and after downloading the mail it will inform
>    the user (depend on the dailingprofil)
> So did I missed something? Why is push services
> and the software for this such a hype?

Because it's very handy, and very well integrated.  Blackberry and 
Windows Mobile (or whatever it's called) have the pieces at both ends 
that are required for the integration.

> I thing this populare solution did not worth a look
> to see what we can copy - free imanigation will be
> more creative :)

A very good idea, Robert!

> E.g. when having such a auto-download mechanism,
> it would be good, when could work with different
> cost and battery levels... - with hight data costs
> (e.g. beeing abroud) or low battery level only short
> information will be "pushed" - and wih very hight
> data cost or very low battery it will only show
> how many new mails/that new mails are in the servers
> box
> Giving different senders different priority would be 
> fine - maye in combination of the profiles
> work/spare time
> And a way that the user cold set up it's server filter rules
> remotly with its Neo1973.
> I'm shure we will have much fun with OpenMoko/Neo1973
> using standard tools on the Neo and on a server side :)
> Cheers,
> rob
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