idea: linuxtogo wiki: Linksys NSLU2 and Neo 1973 HOWTO (Was: Why do I want WiFi?)

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If you do go this route, I'd suggest you get a class 1 bluetooth adapter.
You won't get 100m range, but in my experience when one side of the
bluetooth link is a class 1 radio, you'll increase the range by 50 to 100%
over the standard 10m. The bluetake bt007ex is a great class 1, bt2.0,
csr-based adapter.

This nslu howto only discusses networking through the ppp/dialup/dun. I hope
we'll be able to choose pan as another option.

We could even have the phone running its own pan network to share its net
connection. This will be even more interesting with a umts/hsdpa radio in
the phone.


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