idea: linuxtogo wiki: Linksys NSLU2 and Neo 1973 HOWTO (Was: Why do I want WiFi?)

Rod Whitby rod at
Wed Jan 31 05:31:29 CET 2007

Brad Midgley wrote:
> If you do go this route, I'd suggest you get a class 1 bluetooth
> adapter. You won't get 100m range, but in my experience when one side of
> the bluetooth link is a class 1 radio, you'll increase the range by 50
> to 100% over the standard 10m. The bluetake bt007ex is a great class 1,
> bt2.0, csr-based adapter.

Absolutely.  I use a Linksys USBBT100 adapter (which I believe is class
1) now, but am always on the lookout for a better one.

> This nslu howto only discusses networking through the ppp/dialup/dun. I
> hope we'll be able to choose pan as another option.

Yes.  The existing nslu2 howto was written so I could network my Treo
650 (which only does dun, not pan).  As soon as I get my developer Neo
(yay!), it will do pan as well.

> We could even have the phone running its own pan network to share its
> net connection. This will be even more interesting with a umts/hsdpa
> radio in the phone.


Another thing I want to do is have the phone be able to seamless roam
(without breaking the TCP/IP connection) between multiple Bluetooth
access points connected to the same physical ethernet LAN.  I don't know
if that's possible - does anyone else know?

-- Rod

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