Translators needed?

Oleg L. Sverdlov oleg at
Wed Jan 31 13:53:24 CET 2007

I suppose we 'll get access to localization files when the SDK is 

Hopefully, there will be some sort of source code translation 
repository, or we'll need to establish it.

How will OM/FIC team manage translations?

Is it a good idea to have a separate mailing list for translation 
related topics ?

NB I offered to do Russian and Hebrew translations, it looks like the 
Russian team is growing! We need more RTL-minded people too.


Foucault de Bonneval wrote:

> I can do it in French ... :)
> Rgds
> Foucault
> On 1/31/07, Jose Manrique Lopez de la Fuente <jsmanrique at> wrote:
>> And me could help in Spanish translation, but I suppose it's being done by FIC.
>> Best regards,
>> 2007/1/30, Denis Kot <denis.kot at>:
>>> I can try to help to translate to Russian.
>>> 2007/1/30, Robert Michel <openmoko at>:
>>>> Salve José!
>>>> Welcome to Openmoko :)
>>>> I'm just a student tring to support the community,
>>>> so we do not have an official list moderator,
>>>> and the official openmoko team member are very busy.
>>>> Your mail was send to the wrong list...
>>>> On Tue, 30 Jan 2007, José Suárez wrote:
>>>>> Hi to everybody.
>>>>> I've been quite excited about the OpenMoko development and release schedule.
>>>>> I'm pretty sure I would like to buy one Neo1973 when they were available and
>>>>> became usable.
>>>>> I'm not a developer
>>>> The mailinglist openmoko-devel is only about programming.
>>>> Your kind offer to support openmoko should be send to the
>>>> openmoko-community mailinglist. I was so free to answer
>>>> your mail on this other list. When you haven't subscibed
>>>> it yet, please subscribe openmoko-community, now.
>>>> Because the people are very busy, some better informations are
>>>> missing - e.g. an automaticaly welcome message that
>>>> explains the use of the list a little better....
>>>> this just have to wait until the first Neo1973 are ready ;)
>>>>> and don't know how to code, but I would like to contribute
>>>>> to the OpenMoko project to make it great. Given that the only way I think I
>>>>> could help at the moment is by translating some of the UI/GUI messages (later
>>>>> when the phone is out I would like to test the apps and report bugs) I want
>>>>> to know if there is any need for translators. If so, I would like to
>>>>> volunteer for the translation of whatever messages into Spanish.
>>>> Translation of GUI, of help/man pages and other documentations is IMHO
>>>> very important to make projects more populare. Even Debian and Ubuntu
>>>> lakes whith translations and due this it has unused popularity
>>>> potential.
>>>> Greetings,
>>>> rob
>>> -
>>> Denis Kot
>> --
>> J. Manrique López de la Fuente

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