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In my opinion the translations must be done professionally for such a product like this. Instead of volunteers who are not professionals, volunteers who are professionals and volunteer who can provide a professional translation must localize this product. I localized RSSOwl into Turkish, and I gathered 3 of my friends and discussed every one of the phrases translated. But in the end it is not like a professional translation. It's very important to give the same meaning of the sentence in the localized language instead of pure translation. Sometimes it is very hard to do such a thing. The best example is the Microsoft products, even I don't support or like them, they did great job in localization... They got a big book of meanings of words/phrases which are used in Microsoft products, books etc. If someone wants to do a translation for the books etc. they gave this didctionary to them to use it as reference dictionary... As I said if there are volunteers who are
 professionsals and who can localize it with professionals must be found... I'll try to get in touch with a professional translator who is experienced in technical translations if there is a need for Turkish localization.

Jan Van Vlaenderen <jan.vanvlaenderen at> wrote: I prefer using my phone, pc, pda, ... in english, but I can do translation in dutch ( or at least a part )
I assume that a lot has to be translated.

On 1/31/07,  Fabian Off <fabian2_de at> wrote: If needed, I'm going to translate the GUI in
german. I think a page in the wiki (when avaliable)
showing the translation-process would be great,
so you can checkout what isn't done by now.

A question, related to translations: 
Will translations handled like they are
in Opie? (A package you can install if you need it,
or just let it stay where it is if you don't know
the language at all? And if so, which languages
will be pre-installed, besides english of course?) 

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