Your " Re: Translators needed?" feeback is great! first start: *

Robert Michel openmoko at
Wed Jan 31 15:14:38 CET 2007

Salve Jan,*!

Im very happy about all your feedbacks about translation.

On Wed, 31 Jan 2007, Jan Van Vlaenderen wrote:
> I prefer using my phone, pc, pda, ... in english, but I can do translation
> in dutch ( or at least a part )
> I assume that a lot has to be translated.

I have seen how productive a community translation is
with people have joint the mailinglist/chat
and offered an translation of press releases in Italian
and got the feedback that already two people working on
this: contact Antonio and Andrea... to join

So when the people have ICT skills distributed cooperation
is very easy - and when the project have a wiki joining 
of people with less ICT skills are also easy.

It is important that even spending 15-30 minutes would
help, or just an evening - so that it is very easy to
start with the cooperation and it is easy - sorry, I have
to stop now - and somebody else will continous...

Then personal motivation and maybe a fix date helps to
be motivated to cooperate today/this week.
I have no doubts that we have high motivation... :))

IMHO a good starting point would be the wikipedia, to 
continous with
and to try to translate it in as many languages as we
could do (with the help of some friends or trying to 
find people with still needed language skills to translate
this page).

Also a welcomepage for in serveral languages
would demonstrate that behind OpenMoko is already a big,
active community - with members all over the world.

So there are some small pages about OpenMoko on wikipedia
* English
* Deutsch
* Español
* Italiano
* Nederlands
* Russian

I have in mind that at least Finish and Hebrew have been
offered here. IMHO Chinese would important :)

exist only in english *yet* - maybe we could help with a 
translation into other languages, as well? ;)



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