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The idea sounds good. For this kind of software a multitouch screen
would be nice. The same nice hardware like apple uses for the iPhone. So
you can mix more then one sound together .... depending on how much
fingers you have :`)
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I had an idea a while ago for a drum machine application for my PDA,
which I never got around to doing anything about, of course...

While there isn't any ability to sense force, there are X and Y
axes...  I thought one axis could be assigned to tone (or could switch
or fade between samples), and one could be assigned to volume so that
the further away from yourself you tapped, the louder the output.
Finger slides and that sort of thing could be tracked too, and have
some effect.  I think a totally decent drum interface could be
developed without being able to sense force.

If something like this could be made to work even half decently, it
would be a great application to have sitting on your phone...  I'm a
drummer, and it'd be cool to be able to just plug my phone into a PA
and jam with a band (even if only as a novelty), not to mention that
it'd be a fun way to pass the time when you're stuck on a bus or

On 1/30/07, Christopher Heiny <clheiny at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 30 January 2007 18:39, kkr scribbled in crayon on the back
of a
> kid's menu:
> > I am not sure to well understand how works this new screen
> > (multi-point touch screen)...
> >
> > Can he discern the force of pressure exercised with the finger over
> > screen (weak, normal or strong)?
> >
> > Can anybody confirm it?
> I do not believe that can be done with the resistive screen on the V1
> system.
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