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Wed Jan 31 18:53:42 CET 2007

On Wed, 31 Jan 2007, ROB wrote:

> I had an idea a while ago for a drum machine application for my PDA,
> which I never got around to doing anything about, of course...
> While there isn't any ability to sense force, there are X and Y
> axes...  I thought one axis could be assigned to tone (or could switch
> or fade between samples), and one could be assigned to volume so that
> the further away from yourself you tapped, the louder the output.
> Finger slides and that sort of thing could be tracked too, and have
> some effect.  I think a totally decent drum interface could be
> developed without being able to sense force.
> If something like this could be made to work even half decently, it
> would be a great application to have sitting on your phone...  I'm a
> drummer, and it'd be cool to be able to just plug my phone into a PA
> and jam with a band (even if only as a novelty), not to mention that
> it'd be a fun way to pass the time when you're stuck on a bus or
> whatever.

Brilliant idea. I know a drummer who did this on his Nintendo DS, and would
often compose on bus rides using headphones.

I could probably keep my daughter entertained for hours with a simple one or
two octave keyboard.

What about a simple MIDI sequencer, or even a simple sythesizer (although
probably that would tax or overwhelm the resources on the Neo)?

To the wiki, Rob!


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