2-3 parallel solution to choose by the user? Re: Any alternative ideas to fullscreen popup-messages?

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Wed Jan 31 21:22:01 CET 2007

Salve Mickey!

I think many users could live with popups,
but I would like to choose a solution that
would not nag me with full or havesize popups

I mean on the longterm, but as official design
of Openmoko, working with every aplication.

On Wed, 31 Jan 2007, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:

> Let's distinguish two types of popup-dialogs:
> a) informative (i.e. battery low, incoming sms, sms sent)
> b) confirmative ("Mickey calling. Answer / Ignore / Reject?", "Do you
> want to remove all contacts?")

b) I hope incomming call will not interupt me to do what I'm doing 

> Right now, we're leaning towards (ab)using the bottom status bar (in
> openmoko-language called 'footer') for informative dialogs and using
> half screen (480x320) popup dialogs for confirmative.

- I guess a third 480x210 is to small?
- could it be transparent?
- will it passiv so that I can go on typing my email/chat 
  and my external keyboard return will not activate the
  default of the pop up?
- where will be the virtual keyboard at that moment?

> What do you think?

I think for several application I would like to have 
*no* popup just a screen inverting flashing like with GNU
screen  and maybe a 1-3 pixel red or inverted frame around
the whole screen - mabey with fast inverting flashing 
mayby with vibra or sound alarm... but a chance to 
to continous with the full screen.

The user would swith with a special keystroke,
or with a keyboard a spechial key combination
to the "open" popup.

With transparency 
The popupmessage could be in the background 
and a special keystrokes on the touchscreen could
confirm, cancel or deny the popup
pickup - reject or ignore the call

Or "optional" the text of the popup
"Incoming call"
"Mikey is calling"
could be send to the speaker/headphone -
this would inform me and wouldn't disturb my work.

I thing 2 or 3 strong solutions could be forked and 
the user could choose in general of for a profil
or for special aplications how the device behave.
IMHO, one of the 2-3 solutions should be popup-free.

When I work with my laptop and the phone rings,
I can finshed what I'm doing and pickup the phone
then - the same freedom would I like when computing
and phone will be together in a smartphone.

Could you understand my point?

So in oposite to comercial products we have to chance
offer 2-4 different design solutions how to work with
the device. 


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