idea: second SIM card support

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Wed Jan 31 22:04:00 CET 2007

* Myk Melez <myk at> [070131 09:39]:
> Andreas Kostyrka wrote:
> >Problem solved, as in option 2:
> >
> >
> >  
> That's kind of a solution, except it looks complicated and seems to require me to mod my phone, which is a high enough barrier to entry that I'm not likely to do it.

Nope, you either need to "mod" the SIMs, or you can use a
model-specific version where you can use the "fullsize SIMs" directly.

> >I fear that having two GSM modules does not make sense in a general
> >phone. (Despite the fact that I do have SIMs from two countries ;) )
> >  
> It's possible that you're right, but I'm not so sure.  Influential US websites like The Travel Insider recommend using a local SIM when traveling abroad, so there may be a significant 
> audience for such SIMs, and who wouldn't rather use a second SIM with their regular phone?

Yes, but:

*) for this to work you need an unlocked phone. Depending upon
countries this is a problem, because carriers sell only locked phones.
(btw, the US seems a backwater when it comes to mobiles *g*)

*) guess many carriers, which make quite a bit of profit from roaming
surcharges will have problems with subsidizing phones that cut into
these profits.

*) it's just a niche market.


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