2-3 parallel solution to choose by the user? Re: Any alternative ideas to fullscreen popup-messages?

Steven Milburn steven.milburn at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 23:27:10 CET 2007

I tend to be of the mentality that the phone is for my convenience, not
others.  Therefore, I like the ideas being suggested that incoming
calls/text messages/emails/etc are indicated by a simple, polite icon on a
status bar somewhere flashing for my attention.

If the application I'm running is screen or input-centric, the icon works
great, because I'm looking at the screen.  Also, in these applications, the
current ringer setting would also apply as a way to alert me to the call.

If the application is sound-based, like playing an audio file, I would think
the a nice pleasant and quick tone, like caller-ID uses, would suffice to
alert me.  If I take no action, perhaps I don't have the head phones on
right now, and the phone should use the ringer/vibrator after a couple

I really think in most circumstances, the ringer/vibrator on the phone is
enough to get one's attention, and all that is needed is a consistent place
to click to accept or reject the call.

(hmm, the Neo does have vibrate, right?)


On 1/31/07, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey at openmoko.org> wrote:
> Heya,
> > I think many users could live with popups,
> > but I would like to choose a solution that
> > would not nag me with full or havesize popups
> Do you have a viable alternative (except full undo/redo capabilities,
> which would be desirable, but takes a whole lot of memory and/or
> disk)?
> >> Let's distinguish two types of popup-dialogs:
> >>
> >> a) informative (i.e. battery low, incoming sms, sms sent)
> >> b) confirmative ("Mickey calling. Answer / Ignore / Reject?", "Do you
> >> want to remove all contacts?")
> > b) I hope incomming call will not interupt me to do what I'm doing
> >    now
> D'oh. That surprises me a bit... after all, the Neo is a phone, so I
> would think incoming phone calls should always popup [in default
> profile]. What do the others think?
> >> Right now, we're leaning towards (ab)using the bottom status bar (in
> >> openmoko-language called 'footer') for informative dialogs and using
> >> half screen (480x320) popup dialogs for confirmative.
> > - I guess a third 480x210 is to small?
> Probably, yes.
> > - could it be transparent?
> Not on v1 hardware. There is no way the composite render extension
> will work with an acceptable speed on a s3c2410.
> > - will it passiv so that I can go on typing my email/chat
> >   and my external keyboard return will not activate the
> >   default of the pop up?
> I don't think we want "Do you really want to delete all contacts" to
> be a non-disturbing passive dialog.
> >> What do you think?
> > I think for several application I would like to have
> > *no* popup just a screen inverting flashing like with GNU
> > screen  and maybe a 1-3 pixel red or inverted frame around
> > the whole screen - mabey with fast inverting flashing
> > mayby with vibra or sound alarm... but a chance to
> > to continous with the full screen.
> Let's talk more concrete. Can we come up with some examples which are
> asynchronous notifications requiring a confirmation (otherwise they'd
> just appear and disappear on the statusbar)? Do you really want e.g.
> the "incoming phone" confirmation dialog behave like that?
> [more notification strategies]
> > When I work with my laptop and the phone rings,
> > I can finshed what I'm doing and pickup the phone
> > then - the same freedom would I like when computing
> > and phone will be together in a smartphone.
> > Could you understand my point?
> I understand your point, I just think that this kind of thinking is
> not what the majority of smartphone users wants.... or is it? Guys?
> > So in oposite to comercial products we have to chance
> > offer 2-4 different design solutions how to work with
> > the device.
> Absolutely -- that's freedom. Giving hard- and software to actually
> try new paradigmes in the real world might exactly be the revolution we're
> after :)
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