2-3 parallel solution to choose by the user? Re: Any, alternative ideas to fullscreen popup-messages?

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at murmp.com
Wed Jan 31 23:55:11 CET 2007

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote: 
> Do you really want e.g. the "incoming phone" confirmation dialog behave like that? 
> [more notification strategies]
> ...
> I understand your point, I just think that this kind of thinking is not what the majority of smartphone users wants.... or is it? Guys?

I think Mickey is right about the "majority."  When I get a phone call,
97.842% of the time it is the most important thing that is happening and
should be treated as such (almost fullscreen pop-up with VERY large,
easy to press with a finger buttons [ANSWER] [IGNORE] (or whatever they
would say))

Now, do I want all pop-ups like that? Probably not.  I really like the
idea of the 'footer' being able to "stack" several notifications that I
can review at my convenience.

Moving right along, I think a good way to proceed is to have a system
API for creating notifications.  You can give them different levels,
priorities or whatever you want to call them.  But so long as there is a
generic way to create them (and all applications use that API) then
exactly how they are displayed can be customized by the user.  The
default setting can be the 2/3 screen pop-up.  But it could be overridden...


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