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Ben shadroth at
Sun Jul 1 11:21:25 CEST 2007

Sean sent his reply to me, since I first sent my comment to him just
by accident, damn Gmail. Here is his response for you all to see:

On Jun 28, 2007, at 9:47 PM, Ben wrote:

> On 6/28/07, Sean Moss-Pultz <sean at> wrote:
>> We're going to sell the Neo Base for $300. The Neo Advanced will be
>> $450.
> Will the debug kit etc. for GTA01B_v4 be compatible with GTA02?
> How about any future devices.

GTA02 for sure. We're going to do our best to use the same for later
devices. But I can't promise this now.

> I heard the GTA02 will have a better battery, but can the GTA01B_v4
> battery be used with it at all?

Sorry not the GTA01.

> Will there be an option to buy more batteries? - if so, ball park
> pricing? (within $50 or so).

It turns out you can use aftermarket Nokia batteries. So this should
be really cheap.

> Any idea on shipping costs, and warranty length/service center? ie.
> I'm in Australia, will I have to ship it back to Taiwan for repair or
> will there be any local service centers?

For phase 1 the shipping costs might be a bit high. Perhaps something
like US$40 for Australia. For phase 2 we're hoping to get more local

We're still finalizing the warranty repair stuff. Look for an
announcement before we start selling on July 9th.

>> In our factory in China, 400 Neos are waiting for you all. Another
>> 600
>> will be ready before next week. More are queued up waiting for us
>> to say
>> go.
> Given the total awesomeness and market changing potential, will you be
> doing anything to ensure that they aren't all snaffled up by one
> person to sell on eBay and/or melted down?
> ---

Make more ;-)

> I want to buy an OpenMoko, to support the project, show off at the
> local Linux User Group and to play with to watch the development and
> give feedback, I'm not a coder. Will I be hindering the process to buy
> the v1 (as I'm not a developer and you don't have an infinite
> quantity), or is this type of buying encouraged?

If you have a the stomach for upgrading your phone (manually) now,
then no. ;-)

> lastly... I take the 1.5/1+ has been scrapped/merged with the 2?

Merged. From delays ;-)

> Thank you sooo much. I've been checking back almost daily since I
> found out about this last year.

Thanks for all your support!


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