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> Scene: Completely blank white background.
> Two people enter the frame.
> Moko: Hi, I'm an OpenMoko
> iPhone: And I'm an iPhone
> * OpenMoko looks like he's enjoying himself
> iPhone: What are you doing?
> Moko: Oh, I just downloaded this great new game I came across. Want
> to try it? iPhone: I, er, I can't play new games. I've got this great
> game of solitaire, though!
> Moko: That's a shame. Nothing at all?
> iPhone: Well, I can play games off the web. Some of them. Want a game
> of bejeweled?
> Moko: ...thanks, no. I'm fine.

Nice, I like the script.
Ewan Marshall (ewanm89)

Geek by nature, Linux by choice.
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