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Frederic Kettelhoit kettelhoit at
Sun Jul 1 17:51:35 CEST 2007

Hello together,

I really like the Neo. The software will be perfect, im sure. But there is
something about the hardware I dislike. Why is there no d-pad? Because many
people do not need one. Okay, but the Neo could be the perfect gaming mobile
phone. 3D acceleration, accelerometer, a rounded case. It would lie
perfectly in your hand for a short jump n run game for example. So please
make a second top case for gamers and sell it additionally or separated to
the normal one. It would be so easy; a d-pad below the screen and some
(three?) buttons above the screen. And wow, there is the perfect gaming
 I would really like to see a situation, where three people take out there
Neos and start playing a racing game over a w-lan network. The Neo would be
an outstanding device for game developers. The small screen makes it easy to
develop good loking games, you do not need a 10 people team just for the
graphics. On the other side, the wlan, the gps, the bluetooth, the
touchscreen, the accelerometers, and the fact, that all is open, would give
the developers the possibilities for new gaming concepts. And I think, a lot
of my friends would switch to the Neo, if the hear, that we could play
really cool games over a wireless network in school break.^^

So, please make a gaming top case for a few dollars more!

(Sorry for my bad english...)
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