An alternative gaming top case

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Sun Jul 1 18:07:59 CEST 2007


It's already on the wishlist. I like the idea a lot.

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> Subject: An alternative gaming top case
> Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 17:51:35 +0200
> Hello together,
> I really like the Neo. The software will be perfect, im sure. But there is
> something about the hardware I dislike. Why is there no d-pad? Because many
> people do not need one. Okay, but the Neo could be the perfect gaming mobile
> phone. 3D acceleration, accelerometer, a rounded case. It would lie
> perfectly in your hand for a short jump n run game for example. So please
> make a second top case for gamers and sell it additionally or separated to
> the normal one. It would be so easy; a d-pad below the screen and some
> (three?) buttons above the screen. And wow, there is the perfect gaming
> phone.
> I would really like to see a situation, where three people take out there
> Neos and start playing a racing game over a w-lan network. The Neo would be
> an outstanding device for game developers. The small screen makes it easy to
> develop good loking games, you do not need a 10 people team just for the
> graphics. On the other side, the wlan, the gps, the bluetooth, the
> touchscreen, the accelerometers, and the fact, that all is open, would give
> the developers the possibilities for new gaming concepts. And I think, a lot
> of my friends would switch to the Neo, if the hear, that we could play
> really cool games over a wireless network in school break.^^
> So, please make a gaming top case for a few dollars more!
> (Sorry for my bad english...)
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