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Sun Jul 1 20:59:27 CEST 2007

Cool idea. I think we should get the press machine turning on the inside,
and then set it loose when the Phase 2 is released and ready for prime time.

On 7/1/07, Nick Johnson <arachnid at> wrote:
> Which brings me to a sudden (though premature) thought I had. I read
> one or two other posts in the archives about advertising/hype, and it
> occurred to me that the contrast between the iPhone and the OpenMoko
> is like night and day. Even better, Apple have a very successful
> advertising campaign that's just begging to be spoofed.

I like the idea of net-distributed ads targeted at programmers. These could
be hyped in Slashdot-like circles even before GTA02 is out and before the
software is mature - the idea is to attract hackers.

Black background. Things come on screen in their unpolished current state,
glitches and all.
Lines in quotes are voiceovers.
"This is turning it on."
We see Tux and initscript messages scrolling down the screen.
"This is the internet."
Show browser displaying Slashdot or or something.
"This is your music..."
Show terminal with:
  cd /home/bob/multimedia/music
  They Might Be Giants   The White Stripes
  The Red Hot Chili Peppers   The Killers
  bob at bobs-open-phone>
"This is the package manager . . ."
Show package manager displaying pending updates.
". . . that installs the updates . . ."
User selects an update and clicks Install.
" . . . that you write for your Neo."
Incoming call interrupts package manager, call is taken.
Female voice from phone: "Hey there."
Fade to black, display centered text
  FIC Neo1973 + OpenMoko
        Get your hack on.

That's my idea for a commercial which calls the iPhone commercials to mind,
but which are targeted at a different audience and don't raise expectations
unreasonably high!

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