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> Cool idea. I think we should get the press machine turning on the
> inside, and then set it loose when the Phase 2 is released and ready
> for prime time.
> I like the idea of net-distributed ads targeted at programmers. These
> could be hyped in Slashdot-like circles even before GTA02 is out and
> before the software is mature - the idea is to attract hackers.
> Black background. Things come on screen in their unpolished current
> state, glitches and all.
> Lines in quotes are voiceovers.
> "This is turning it on."
> We see Tux and initscript messages scrolling down the screen.
> "This is the internet."
> Show browser displaying Slashdot or or something.
> "This is your music..."
> Show terminal with:
>   cd /home/bob/multimedia/music
>   ls
>   They Might Be Giants   The White Stripes
>   The Red Hot Chili Peppers   The Killers
>   bob at bobs-open-phone>
> "This is the package manager . . ."
> Show package manager displaying pending updates.
> ". . . that installs the updates . . ."
> User selects an update and clicks Install.
> " . . . that you write for your Neo."
> Incoming call interrupts package manager, call is taken.
> Female voice from phone: "Hey there."
> Fade to black, display centered text
>   FIC Neo1973 + OpenMoko
>         Get your hack on.
> That's my idea for a commercial which calls the iPhone commercials to
> mind, but which are targeted at a different audience and don't raise
> expectations unreasonably high!
> Cheers,
> Ryan

Sweet idea, but maybe we should come up with something that isn't an
obvious spoof too.

Ewan Marshall (ewanm89)

Geek by nature, Linux by choice.
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