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Somehow I don't think that 'the OS/ browser/ app that you built' will excite
anyone except linux-guru's. ;-) (it would scare me away...)
Take a look at some of the N95 vs iPhone spoofs on youtube. Some of them are
really good:
Battery replacement:
Internet: (This one is good since Jobs has convinced a lot of people that
only the iPhone has the 'real' Internet.whatever that may be.)
Google Maps/ GPS:

The scenario I like is also about the freedom to write applications, but
from a user/consumer point of view:
Moko: Hi, I'm an OpenMoko phone
iPhone: And I'm an iPhone
* OpenMoko looks is busy tapping on his phone.
iPhone: What are you doing?
Moko: Oh, I just installed this handy app that lets me <insert cool app>.
iPhone: I don't think I have such a program. But I can run ajax-programs
through the web. Check this app out. It finds the cheapest gas stations in
your neighbourhood. Here I'll show you!
* iPhone does nothing.
Moko: Sow, can you show it to me or not?
iPhone: Wait, be patient, I'm loading the app....
*pause again.
iPhone: Damnit, lost my connection!

On 7/1/07, Nick Johnson <arachnid at> wrote:
> This puts me in mind of "this is the house that jack built":
> This is the phone that you built.
> This is the OS running on the phone that you built.
> This is the browser running on the OS on the phone that you built...
> Not sure if that's what you were referring to, as I haven't seen the
> ads in question.
> -Nick
> On 7/2/07, Ryan Prior <piratehead at> wrote:
> > Black background. Things come on screen in their unpolished current
> state,
> > glitches and all.
> > Lines in quotes are voiceovers.
> > "This is turning it on."
> > We see Tux and initscript messages scrolling down the screen.
> > "This is the internet."
> > Show browser displaying Slashdot or or something.
> > "This is your music..."
> > Show terminal with:
> >   cd /home/bob/multimedia/music
> >   ls
> >   They Might Be Giants   The White Stripes
> >   The Red Hot Chili Peppers   The Killers
> >   bob at bobs-open-phone>
> > "This is the package manager . . ."
> > Show package manager displaying pending updates.
> > ". . . that installs the updates . . ."
> > User selects an update and clicks Install.
> > " . . . that you write for your Neo."
> > Incoming call interrupts package manager, call is taken.
> > Female voice from phone: "Hey there."
> > Fade to black, display centered text
> >   FIC Neo1973 + OpenMoko
> >         Get your hack on.
> >
> > That's my idea for a commercial which calls the iPhone commercials to
> mind,
> > but which are targeted at a different audience and don't raise
> expectations
> > unreasonably high!
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Ryan
> >
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