An alternative gaming top case

Frederic Kettelhoit kettelhoit at
Mon Jul 2 00:26:30 CEST 2007

Ok, that sounds not really good... Probably it is more difficult than I
thougt... But what would be with an expansion back and top as described in
the hardware wishlist? I would be sad to have a phone with open software but
without the possibility to modify the hardware. Probably I would like to
make a case for me, which is more stylish in my eyes. So it could be easy to
make it big enough to put an extra camera or probably a trackball inside.
The camera in the back and the trackball in the front. With some changes on
the motherboard, that would be possible, I think. It would make the Neo
perfect. Everyone could contribute everything, even hardware. That's my
opinion, what do you think?
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