adding data services with for neo 1973

Knight Walker moko at
Mon Jul 2 03:14:48 CEST 2007

On Sun, 2007-07-01 at 09:40 -0700, Brian Beattie wrote:
> I'm thinking about getting an openmoko phone and I have service with
>  Searching the t,mobile web page does not tell me how to add
> data service to my plan since they think, there are no internet plans
> compatible with my device.
> Does anybody here know how I would go about adding data service to my
> plan without buying a device I don't need?

I too have T-Mobile and I am currently using an "unsupported" device.
As much of a pain as it will be, I'd say your best bet is to call them
and have one of their customer service people add whatever you're after
to your plan.  That's what I'll likely do when I get my Neo (Either in a
month or three months, depending on finances).  You can either call 611
from your phone or call their 800 number from another phone (I've had to
do it both ways for various reasons).


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