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Mon Jul 2 09:12:10 CEST 2007 seems to be along that lines, the software they are using seems to be windows only at the moment though :(.  But maybe somebody could write and open source one that still has access to the Google Wifi Mappage that works with the Neos GPS. 

Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 22:07:28 -0700From: dylanmccall at gmail.comTo: community at lists.openmoko.orgSubject: Re: Advertising/hypeKind of OT, but on the GPS thought... one thing it could do is map WiFi hotspots to GPS coordinates automatically as you walk / drive around. That way, for example, you could solve that problem of "not being able to easily find WiFi hotspots" (which is the big thing against WiFi right now), since you could just pull out the device and ask it where the nearest open hotspot is. (Boom! There's one). As for point of interest stuff... I don't think it would be too painful to have an address book that also has GPS coordinates for your addresses, with a little "set to current location" button that would tell the device that said coordinates are said address. (And then the addresses could have tags, such as Theatre, that the device could act on automatically). Bye,-Dylan McCall 

On 7/1/07, Raphaël Jacquot < sxpert at> wrote: 
Nick Johnson wrote:> On 7/2/07, Dean Collins <Dean at> wrote:>> Bzzz lets not get too carried away – are the Neo's going to have te gps >> locations of every cinema globally – nope then lets get realistic >> about what>> it can and cant do.>> As someone working in GIS - getting Point Of Interest data like that> isn't as hard as you might think. The main problem would be that> you're not going to have GPS reception indoors, so you won't> neccessarially know when you're entering a cinema. :)you'd be surprised at what recent (sirfstar III) receivers can tell you. last time, I could make up the aisles in the supermarket..._______________________________________________OpenMoko community mailing listcommunity at
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