adding data services with for neo 1973

Jonas Meyer Jonas.M.Meyer.01 at
Sun Jul 1 19:28:08 CEST 2007

I also have  The key to getting the plan you need with any GSM
carrier is to tell them you have a phone that goes with the plan you
want.  For example, call them up and tell them you just bought an
unlocked Treo 700w from Palm and want a data plan for it.

They will happily provide one.  The people you talk to on the phone for
these companies are reading from scripts.  They are not allowed to say
things that are not in their books (think of it like a choose your own
adventure over the phone where you don't get to know what your choices
are).  That said, in my few months since I switched to tmobile from at&t
/ cingular, I have found their phone zombies to be much superior to
other companies.  I even got them to list what tcp ports they block on
their gprs coverage.  So they may surprise you.


P.S.  I am not a normal subscriber to community, so if this does not go
through to that list, please forward it so that others may see this
answer for reference.

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