Packet encryption possibilities?

Nick Johnson arachnid at
Mon Jul 2 11:54:23 CEST 2007

On 7/2/07, Patrick Madden <patrick.madden at> wrote:
> One of my research interests is encryption, and cell phones clearly
> need some help.  Will hacking along these lines be possible in the
> upcoming release?   The chip sets used in the phone might not expose
> enough to do this, and if it's not possible, I'd like to know early!

Reading the archives, the general consensus seems to be that the only
practical way to do this is to make GSM data calls to the recipient,
and put your own compression and encryption on top of that. The
problems with it are that apparrently it has much higher latency, and
the bandwidth provided may not be enough to even make a call.

-Nick Johnson

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