Nick Johnson arachnid at
Mon Jul 2 12:02:50 CEST 2007

On 7/2/07, Stuart Gray <randomelginguy at> wrote:
> seems to be along that lines, the software they are
> using seems to be windows only at the moment though :(.  But maybe somebody
> could write and open source one that still has access to the Google Wifi
> Mappage that works with the Neos GPS.

Wow. Nice idea, but very closed. No developer API that I could find,
proprietary closed-source app only, essentially you give them data and
they keep it.

It would be relatively easy to develop a much more open service along
the same lines - GIS database backend, an open protocol for apps to
submit updates and request information, and a frontend using Google
Maps as well. Wouldn't even be a hugely involved mashup, at that. :)

I would do it myself, but from what I hear, the AGPS chip in the Neo
isn't even going to work on NZ's cellular network. Pity. :/

-Nick Johnson

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