Nick Johnson arachnid at
Mon Jul 2 12:06:48 CEST 2007

On 7/2/07, Florent THIERY <fthiery at> wrote:
> > > iPhone: Damnit, lost my connection!
> Why do people think that AJAX apps are necessarly remote ?
> They can be local and drive internal components (such as a gsmd for
> contacts/calling/messaging), do people really think that you'd have to
> connect the Internet to write kitchen receipes ?
> Maps-enabled apps, yes: Google Maps is way more clever than having to
> carry around a continental map. As is Wikipedia access, etc... But
> simple apps will be local, and won't necessarly suck !
> It's just the make up that changes (ok, this does'nt count for games,
> but we're talking GUI toolkit here).

I've yet to see an AJAX app that you can load entirely locally, so the
criticism still applies. Besides, the point of nearly all AJAX apps is
as a frontend for some server-connected service or another - maps,
mail, sticky notes, whatever.

-Nick Johnson

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