GPS can work stand-alone (Re: Advertising/hype)

Nick Johnson arachnid at
Mon Jul 2 12:31:00 CEST 2007

On 7/2/07, Mikko Rauhala <mjrauhal at> wrote:
> Umm, the GPS chip and driver don't rely on the cellular network to
> function. They can work completely stand-alone. You can get a quicker
> cold fix if the driver can fetch some assist data from the network
> (what, NZ don't have GPRS?), but this isn't required.

NZ has GPRS, but my understanding was that the AGPS requires the
network to explicitly support it to get the assist data - that's
certainly what everything I've read has indicated. I thought it was
also required to get a fix at all - that the AGPS chip offloads some
of the harder work onto the network, as that's what a workmate told me
- but if he's wrong, I'm glad. ;)

-Nick Johnson

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