Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Mon Jul 2 12:34:09 CEST 2007

someone has built an offline calendar/reminder tool called Remember The Milk:
it's built on google gears - all the data and application is run
locally and re-synchronises on an internet connection appearing

On 7/2/07, Nick Johnson <arachnid at> wrote:
> > Maps-enabled apps, yes: Google Maps is way more clever than having to
> > carry around a continental map. As is Wikipedia access, etc... But
> > simple apps will be local, and won't necessarly suck !
> >
> > It's just the make up that changes (ok, this does'nt count for games,
> > but we're talking GUI toolkit here).
> I've yet to see an AJAX app that you can load entirely locally, so the
> criticism still applies. Besides, the point of nearly all AJAX apps is
> as a frontend for some server-connected service or another - maps,
> mail, sticky notes, whatever.

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