Sencer alisencer at
Mon Jul 2 12:52:22 CEST 2007

> Why do people think that AJAX apps are necessarly remote ?

A is asynchronous
X stems from the XMLHttpRequest

Neither of which make sense when talking about purely local apps.
Unless of course Ajax is used in the inflationary sense for everthing
that's client-side Javascript. Which makes it a synonym for DHTML (D
for dynamic), which has been around for much much longer, and has been
more or less universally hated (well, back then browsers were buggier,
connections slower, cpus weaker etc.) and looked down upon by many

> but we're talking GUI toolkit here

Not really, but who can blame you, when fashion words and hype make it
very hard  to use specific words for specific concepts. (Reminiscient
of famous research paper titles like "my cat is object oriented")


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