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David Pottage david at
Mon Jul 2 14:46:19 CEST 2007

> Can I use the GTA01B_v4 as a bluetooth gps receiver? And will it be easy
> to do.
> I was going to wait for the GTA02 in October, but in the meantime I'm
> about to buy a gps bluetooth receiver to use with maemo-mapper on my N770.
> If I can use the GTA01_v4 as a gps receiver instead, I'd rather buy it and
> then get the GTA02 as well.

I would expect bluetooth GPS is in the roadmap, and it will be very easy
to implement.

If you connect a normal GPS to the serial port of your computer (9600
baud, 8N1 usually), and view the output you will see a series of messages
in NEMA format. Once a second the GPS reports your current location. It
can optionally report other parameters such as how good the reception is
and your current speed & heading.

A bluetooth GPS just creates a BT serial connection, and sends the same
data over that. Once the bluetooth and GPS drivers are working, it should
be very easy to write the necessary demon, it might even be possible with
a few pipes in shell.

David Pottage

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