adding data services with for neo 1973

Daniel Savage sabhain at
Mon Jul 2 14:46:29 CEST 2007

I've just gone through the process of adding data @ T-Mobile & it really
couldn't be simpler.

The one guideline you need to be aware of is that you CAN NOT get data GPRS
or EDGE on a pay as you go plan (T-Mobile to go).  It has to be on a post
paid monthly account.  To my knowledge and research, neither AT&T or
T-Mobile will permit a data package on a pay as you go basis.

Assuming then that you're on a montly plan.  You just need to request that
they add the unlimited T-Mobile Web to your account.  This is $5.99/month.
On the surface, it just gets you the WAP service .. but that's all you need.

Last week I decided I needed a more production solution than the v1 Moko
will be and bought a Motorola Roker E6 direct from Hong Kong.  Sometime soon
I'll post some thoughts about the E6 that I think are pertinent to UI issues
w/ Moko.  I got it tweaked to Quad Band and Edge and activated it on
T-Mobile, with little or no difficulty.  You will find TONS of information
on the data settings at both and also at MotorolaFans.Com.

I encourage you to not seek out the "total internet" or "Smartphone
packages" .. you don't need to pay the extra $20/ month.

Good luck.
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