An alternative gaming top case

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Tue Jul 3 02:10:17 CEST 2007

On 7/3/07, Sean Moss-Pultz <sean at> wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-07-01 at 19:00 -0700, Tim Newsom wrote:
> >
> > Supposing some company decided to provide alternate case designs or
> > add
> > on products for the neo1973, who do they need to talk to about
> > branding
> > / authorization to sell them to the public?
> >
> > OR
> >
> > Is it possible that FIC or the OpenMoko company will have a section
> > on
> > their sales page supporting 3rd party add-ons, etc?
> I would love to help sell more accessories. Let's talk more about this
> when we get closer to phase 2. Right now it's really hard for me to
> divert more resources away from actual software development.
> If you or anyone wants to start organizing something on the wiki this
> would be even better.

I have added a sub-section to the Neo1973 hardware section of the
wiki, concerning alternate cases. there are a few ideas as starters,
including one with a d-pad and a steampunk design. Anyone with any
other ideas/more info to flesh out what i've put there, head over to

If FIC do not have the resourcs at the moment/will not ever supply
schematics, then we need someone to measure their phone and upload
some drawings

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