An alternative gaming top case

Mario Wewer mario at
Tue Jul 3 09:15:58 CEST 2007

What do you think of building an additional "controller-docking-station"?
I mean - a controller which will be connected to the Neo 1973 with the USB-Port and keep the standard Neo case like it is?

See the quick and dirty picture in attachment (sorry, only have paint here at work)

That would be best for all gamers I think and will not make so much trouble like the PSP controller (where the second analog stick is missing...)
Okay - this idea wouldn't be an "all day" thing, but therefore it would be perfekt ;)

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On Mon, 2 Jul 2007 17:39, Robin Paulson wrote:
> I have added a sub-section to the Neo1973 hardware section of the
> wiki, concerning alternate cases. there are a few ideas as starters,
> including one with a d-pad and a steampunk design. Anyone with any
> other ideas/more info to flesh out what i've put there, head over to
> If FIC do not have the resourcs at the moment/will not ever supply
> schematics, then we need someone to measure their phone and upload
> some drawings
I have a 3d scanner that I am planning to employ for building models if 
no one gets to it before I do.
I would be interested in finding out which formats people think should 
be used for the models.. Also, assuming I can get things together what 
is the interest level for case kits and other accessories?


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