GPS can work stand-alone (Re: Advertising/hype)

Mathias Rüdiger ruediger at
Tue Jul 3 11:46:56 CEST 2007

No excuses left Nick. Seems that you have to write a wefi clone :)


Mikko Rauhala schrieb:
> ma, 2007-07-02 kello 22:31 +1200, Nick Johnson kirjoitti:
>> NZ has GPRS, but my understanding was that the AGPS requires the
>> network to explicitly support it to get the assist data - that's
>> certainly what everything I've read has indicated. I thought it was
>> also required to get a fix at all - that the AGPS chip offloads some
>> of the harder work onto the network, as that's what a workmate told me
>> - but if he's wrong, I'm glad. ;)
> Well, the AGPS concept isn't exactly well-defined, and operators have at
> least tried to get their explicit services to be necessary for the
> operation of such devices. Even position calculation offloading has been
> considered, maybe even implemented somewhere (dunno), but that's rather
> ludicurous, as it's not really that CPU intensive.
> Anyway, the Global Locate AGPS chip/driver combination is indeed of the
> flexible variety that _can_ function standalone, but can also take
> advantage of assist data for faster/better fixing.

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