Brainstorm: less functionality per device, more devices

Sven Neuhaus sven-openmoko at
Tue Jul 3 12:17:59 CEST 2007

Jonas Meyer wrote:
> Instead of monolithic do-everything
> devices, create many single purpose devices that do their jobs very
> well, and can be chained together.

I've been thinking about the same thing. With the recent arrival of
USB-connected monitors (powered by DisplayLink chips) and wireless USB, it's
only a matter of time until the touchscreen display (perhaps w/ speaker +
microphone) is separated from the rest of the phone/pda or, perhaps as a
first step, additional (large) displays can be connected via wireless USB.
It would be great if OpenMoko hardware is among the first to get on this

Btw, if you go to and
click on "Ethernet-based thin clients" they do claim "Linux compatability"...


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