GPS can work stand-alone (Re: Advertising/hype)

Nick Johnson arachnid at
Tue Jul 3 12:47:54 CEST 2007

On 7/3/07, Urivan Saaib <saaib at> wrote:
> Nick,
> I was thinking of something ala DNS, where the application can discover
> pieces of metadata associated to real-world items (you name it) categorized
> in a standard an open way. Users could add/edit/remove their own choices to
> customize what they want from their devices (getting closer to/getting far
> from vs state/status of the element associated to metadata.
> This could bring a benefic impact on the number/type of applications
> developed not only for OpenMoko but for any device that could gain access
> to a GPS hardware.

Coincidentally, I was just thinking about integration with Freebase
(, which would accomplish most of what you
list. :)

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