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Um, advanced hide and seek, your getting warmer... hot, hot, colder...

On Tue, 03 Jul 2007 11:40:50 +0100
Urivan Saaib <saaib at> wrote:

> Nick,
> I was thinking of something ala DNS, where the application can
> discover pieces of metadata associated to real-world items (you name
> it) categorized in a standard an open way. Users could
> add/edit/remove their own choices to customize what they want from
> their devices (getting closer to/getting far from vs state/status of
> the element associated to metadata.
> This could bring a benefic impact on the number/type of applications
> developed not only for OpenMoko but for any device that could gain
> access to a GPS hardware.
> Btw, I've been keeping track on the mailing list, reading
> quitely...Congratulations to all of you (hardware, software) for the
> excelent work.
> Regards,
> -Urivan Flores Saaib
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