An alternative gaming top case

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Tue Jul 3 15:51:33 CEST 2007

I was also thinking about some
usb-interfacing-docking-station-sort-of-thing. Since I am a bit into
woodcarving, i was thinking about making som sort of "wooden outer envelope"
which interfaces through usb, has an incorporated usb-hub, some sort of
d-pad and maybe other functionalities (like a camera). But this was just an
idea for something done by myself for myself.. nothing special.
What i really like to point out is a simple question: will this still remain
a phone or will it become a second "GP2" ( Maybe we
could contact the GP2-team and make some sort of Neo-to-GP-connecting-thing.
It could supply something like nintendo ds: Touch screen at the top, and a
gaming device with d-pad at the bottom. Everything with the 3d
accelerometeers, the gps, and al lthe other fancy stuff.. it would open
thousands of possibilities.
just my 2 bits..

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