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Tue Jul 3 16:52:09 CEST 2007

First they wil lthink that it's a rip-off of the iPod customisation.
Then they will think that it's not useful, not functional, only thrown-away
Then they will see how cool it looks at their buddy's neo, and will buy one
for themselves ;)

On 7/3/07, Tim Newsom <cephdon at> wrote:
> I have been thinking a little more about this and I struck upon an
> idea... What if you could buy a custom case with a custom message on
> it.
> I am not talking about painted messages but letters and shapes cast into
> the plastic shell.
> Raised, sunk, custom fonts etc.
> Naturally we can't just replicate the exact neo1973 shell without
> permission, but maybe something like it and removing the FIC logo
> (unless we get permission to use it) or the like.
> This is more of a vanity thing than a functional thing.. But what do
> people think of it?
> --Tim
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