Why iPhone using AJAX was genius

Attila Csipa plists at prometheus.org.yu
Tue Jul 3 17:03:13 CEST 2007

On Tuesday 03 July 2007 16:43, Florent THIERY wrote:
> over http tunnel or wifi/bluetooth direct home connection) on an
> NSLU2/WL-500G like companion device.

Apropos NSLU2, some time ago I made a couple of industrial-style data 
collecting NSLU2-s which have usb Wifi and/or a GM862 gsm/gprs module 
attached to them via serial port and some mass storage on USB. This is 
roughly the functionality of a Neo, which could do all of this and some more. 
Would it be possible on the long run to get OEM versions of the Neo1973, 
like, without case/microSD/power adapter/battery/etc (possibly even without 
display), just the finished PCB with components ?

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