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Thomas Gstädtner thomas at
Tue Jul 3 18:52:40 CEST 2007


before some days Hans van der Merwe asked, if it is possible to do group
purchases (in South Africa).
Unfortunately he got no answer, so I'd like to ask again.
I'm from germany and I think there are many people here who like to buy a
GTA01 device.
If everyone orders a single device it are $20 to $40 for the shipment PLUS
19% VAT on the device INCLUDING the shipment.
Let's assume you order a device for $300, shipment is expensive with $40
this are $340, plus VAT it are $405.
Now let's assume there are 4 people who want to have a device, the package
is still small enough for $40.
So we pay ((($300*4)+$40)*1.19)/4 what makes $370 (+$5 for forwarding the
packet inland).
So everybody could save at least $30, maybe more if it would be possible to
send bigger packets.

It would be nice if someone at FIC (Sean? :) ) could tell us if it would be
possible to take group orders and how many devices could be shipped at once.
Knowing that would be great, because groups could plan the purchase before
the 9th.
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